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Dr. LaShae Sharp-Collins is a native
San Diegan with deep roots in the community who knows and understands the needs and demands of the communities in the 79th District. She is a dedicated mother, community volunteer, and gives one hundred percent to any task she undertakes.

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**Dr. LaShae Sharp-Collins Dismayed with
Recent California State University
Tuition Increase:
“Higher Education Shouldn't Be a Debt Sentence”

In a recent turn of events, the proposed tuition increase for California State University has left Dr. LaShae Sharp-Collins, a prominent candidate for California State Assembly, District 79, deeply dissatisfied. With a strong background in education,
Dr. Sharp-Collins firmly believes that higher education should not be a debt sentence for students to carry until they are old and gray, so this recent decision by the university strikes a nerve.

California State University, known for its affordability and accessibility, has been a beacon of hope for students who aspire to pursue higher education without crippling student loan debt. However, the proposed tuition increase threatens to undermine this very foundation. As an advocate for accessible education, Dr. Sharp-Collins is not willing to turn a blind eye to the potential consequences this decision may have on the students of District 79.


The notion of burdening students with exorbitant tuition fees not only limits their opportunities but also perpetuates a cycle of inequality. Dr. Sharp-Collins firmly believes that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, should have equal access to quality education.
By imposing a tuition increase, the California State University system risks closing its doors to countless aspiring students, and disproportionately affecting those from disadvantaged communities.


Dr. Sharp-Collins’ strong background in education makes her acutely aware of the struggle students face. With a focus on educational equity, she has dedicated her career to ensuring that no student is left behind. It is this passion and dedication that drives her displeasure with the recent tuition increase. She understands that education is not merely a privilege, but a fundamental right that should be accessible to all, irrespective of their financial circumstances.

Dr. Sharp-Collins, a candidate for California State Assembly, District 79, stands firmly against the recent tuition increase proposed by California State University making her the ideal person to fight for accessible education for everyone. With a bold and unwavering voice, she believes that higher education should not be a debt sentence.


Dr. Sharp-Collins firmly believes that investing in education is investing in the future. By ensuring that higher education remains affordable, we empower individuals to pursue their dreams, contribute to society, and positively impact the world around them. This shared vision is what drives her to challenge the proposed tuition increase and to advocate for policies that prioritize accessible education for all.

Let us join LaShae in her fight to make affordable education a reality for all, because a future built on accessible education is a future worth striving for.

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